2010 - November Honor Rolls

For November 2010

Microsoft Corporation
DAI Hui 戴晖 
ZHONG Songdong
JIANG Xiong 江雄 
DENG Yunbo 邓云波 
XIA Yue 夏悦 
CHEN Xin 陈昕 
LI Xiaobin
LIANG Senlin 梁森林 
XI Yue 席悦 
HOU Tingbo 侯庭波 
HOU Tingbo 侯庭波 
CHEN Ti 陈倜
CHEN Ming 陈明 

Donation Management Procedures

Update on 1/16/2011: this set of instructions are now obsolete, new ones to come when new accounting system is well in place. -Steven


For USTC AF Staff Only




Introduction to Sub Funds

The AF allows the special designation of incoming donations under the various "sub fund" label, each sub fund can have a manager, who can direct the usage of donations made under its name, subject to a number of AF rules.

Over the years, the AF has accumulated over 200 sub funds, many active in all of our various award programs. The detailed information about each sub fund is available to all of our members in our web-based accounting system, including:

  • Fund Balances (current, previous year)
  • Fund Activities (pledges, donations, and awards)

The various sub funds are set up for various purposes, such as:

  • Classmates getting together to support future students in the same department, such as "812 fund" or "Future Chemist Fund".
  • Goodwill funds, supporting economically challenged students and cover their living expenses for all 4 years.
  • Memorial Funds, set up for future scholarships in the names of certain unexpectedly deceased alumni

If you are interested in setting up a sub fund for a certain purpose, please let us know and we'll be happy to discuss with you about the process. The AF does not charge any fees for managing sub funds, all donations go to award/scholarship recipients.

To access the web-based accounting system, you need to be a member and apply for an account along the way, if you follow the on-screen instructions. If you run into any problem, please be sure to contact us.

More information about sub funds can be found in our Sub Fund FAQ page.

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