RESOLUTION: GBR-2020-38 Appointment of Secretary



Appointment of Secretary


RESOLUTION: GBR-2016-08-10-2 Chief Strategy Officer Appointment

Appointing Mr. ZHAO Han the Chief Strategy Officer

Resolution: GBR-2016-08-10-2

The USTC Alumni Foundation (USTC AF) board of directors hereby appoints Mr. ZHAO, HAN (USTC class 0700), as the Chief Strategy Officer, effective immediately.

Author: ZHOU, Weimin

Co-sponsors: BAO, Ruoyu & LI, Jia & QIAN, Shuo

RESOLUTION: GBR-2015-08-01 USTCAF Inactive Sub-fund Clean-Up Guideline


USTCAF Inactive Sub-fund Clean-Up Guideline


Resolution: GBR-2015-08-01




To clean up the inactive sub-funds and improve financial management efficiency.




The USTC Alumni Foundation has the practice of setting up “sub-funds” to track donation income and grant expenses. It has proven an effective way to encourage donation and member participation in the past.


Over the years, some of the funds have become inactive. This resolution aims at introducing a mechanism to properly wind down these inactive sub-funds.


Definitions of Inactive Sub-funds:


If a sub-fund’s total income is less than $100 within last 3 years and has no expense activities within the last 2 year it will be designated as an inactive sub-fund, except the flowing cases:

(1)    The sub-fund is reserved for a future purpose approved by the board, or otherwise authorized as an exemption by the board;

(2)    The sub-fund is for student or faculty award purposes, has a clear description of the award criteria and amount, and has a balance adequate for at least one award described by the sub-fund;

(3)    Good-Will sub-funds with balance higher than $50;

(4)    The sub-fund is an USTCAF general purpose sub-fund;


Determination of Inactive Sub-funds:


The Secretary’s Office is responsible for making the determination of a sub-fund being inactive, and notifying the USTC AF Board and the Treasurer.

Revival Effort for Inactive Sub-funds:


Once a sub-fund is determined as inactive, the flowing actions shall be taken in an attempt to revive it, if the corresponding sub-fund manager contacted and is co-operative:

(1)    The Secretary’s Office will inform the sub-fund manager of the inactive status of the sub-fund and possible upcoming cleanup actions;

(2)    A three-month grace period will be given to the sub-fund manager to bring sub-fund up to meet the active sub-fund requirement;

(3)    If the sub-fund manger fails get the sub-fund active and the remaining balance is negative, the Secretary’s office shall make an effort to collect additional donation for the sub fund until the negative balance is covered, or until 12 months after the determination, whichever occurs first;

(4)    The revival effort is deemed completed when all of the above have been attempted.


Inactive Sub-fund Clean-up Process:

The Secretary’s Office shall inform the USTC AF Treasurer on a periodical basis the list of inactive sub-funds, which has gone through a failed revival effort as defined above. The Treasurer shall then take the following actions:


(1)    The non-Goodwill sub-fund will be closed and the its remaining positive balance be transferred to the General Fund;

(2)    A Goodwill sub-fund will have its balance transferred to the General Good-will Fund.


Bill of Conflict:


USTCAF will reserve the final rights to interpret this article. The decisions by the Board on matters are final. Any exemption from the guidelines listed in this article will need to be approved by the Board.


Author: Han Zhao

Sponsor: Xun Li, Linghang Ying

RESOLUTION: GBR-2016-08-10-1 Establishing Chief Strategy Officer Position

Establishing the Position of the Chief Strategy Officer

Resolution: GBR-2016-08-10-1



The USTC Alumni Foundation (USTC AF) has been a volunteer-run organization since its inception, and the personnel changes too frequently. The Board of Directors (the Board) has determined the frequent personnel change is limiting the growth potential of the AF, and its capability to best fulfills its charter of promoting the interest of USTC. As such, the Board decides to establish a Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) position, in the hope to bring us the benefit of medium- and long-term strategic planning, and effective leadership.

RESOLUTION: GBR-2015-02-01 Guidelines for the USTCAF Goodwill Fellowships 




Revised Guidelines for the USTCAF Goodwill Fellowships


Guidelines for the USTCAF Goodwill Fellowships 

(Note: AF is a shorthand name for USTC Alumni Foundation (USTCAF); GB stands for the governing board of USTCAF. The usage of AF or GB is exclusive in this article; no other interpretation is acceptable.)

0. This resolution replaces GBR-2004010.

1. Background Information:

AF Goodwill Fellowship was set up in 1999.  In the past, the amount of award has changed several times. Due to the increasing living cost and changing dollar/RMB (Ren Ming Bin) exchange rate, the principles defined in the resolution GBR-2004010 need to be revised. Additionally, an academic criteria needs to be defined for Fellowship qualification.

2. Revision Principle:

(1) Goodwill Fellowship is 3000 RMB a year.

(2) A Goodwill Sponsor needs to make a commitment to support a student for four years.

(3) An academic requirement needs to be defined for Goodwill Fellowship.

(4) Goodwill 1+1 Program is to make sure a Goodwill student to receive financial support from his/her dedicated Goodwill sponsor for four years.

3. The Goal:

To provide financial assistance to USTC students who need financial help in order to complete her/his degree at USTC. Students are selected based on the following criteria:

(1) Financial need. (2) Academic standing.

In particular, higher priority will be given to female students from rural area.


4. The Procedure:

The Fellowships are awarded annually to a certain number (number defined by USTCAF GB) of new students with the amount of 3000RMB each.  The students are initially selected by USTC and approved by GB, based on their financial need, academic standing and availability of other financial aids. The first year AF Goodwill award recipients are not guaranteed to receive it again.

a) The AF Goodwill Fellowship 1+1 program candidates shall send GB at least an application letter stating his/her financial situation, academic standing, determination on academic achievement, and willingness to sponsor students too in future, etc.  Other materials, such as personal photo, family photo, activities photo, publications and articles, are encouraged too.  The application should be received by the end of March the second year.

b) The applications will be displayed on AF webpage for alumni and other potential sponsors to view (however, personal information will be removed and the access of this type of webpages from USTC is blocked.)

c) In general, when a person makes a commitment to support a student for four years, he or she would be called an AF Goodwill Sponsor.  A Sponsor will receive his/her own subfund to track fund activities. A sponsor should make donations of 3000RMB (or equivalent US dollars or other currency) a year for 4 years. A sponsor is not required to make donation for the year that award is suspended or if the award is terminated or revoked. The student would receive 3000RMB through AF, after the award is approved by GB and USTC. Sponsors will receive periodical update from AF regarding award activities.

d) A second year student may no longer receive Good Fellowship after the first year Goodwill award, if he or she did not get a sponsor.

e) Each year around October all Goodwill candidates should provide AF a transcript on their academic standings. These transcripts will be collected by USTC.

f) Every year the awardee candidates will be re-assessed by both USTC and AF.


5. Responsibilities of USTC

It is the responsibility of USTC to make public the selection criteria of this award to all eligible candidates. It is the responsibility of USTC to submit a comprehensive list of candidates to GB in time for it to make the necessary decisions. It is the responsibility of USTC to distribute the award money and certificates to awardees when an official AF representative is not able to be on site. It is the responsibility of USTC to collect yearly updates from students and feedback from graduating Goodwill awardees and provide this information to AF for campaign and marketing purpose. All eligible candidates should contact USTC for issues regarding nomination. AF welcomes comments and feedback from candidates or any other students but also makes it known that the official USTC's nomination list will be the only valid one for the selection decision process. USTC consumes the power to terminate a student’s eligibility for Goodwill award and replace him/her with a new student with either an agreement with the existing sponsor or a commitment from a new sponsor. AF is not liable for any dispute due to failure of USTC to comply with its above mentioned responsibilities.

GB realizes that the standards and information used in the selection process as provided may not be the best or complete but will assume no liability for such and will reserve the right to drop any candidate based on its best judgments.

6. Status of awardees:

The recipient of AF's awards should bear high moral and merit standards. If an awardee is found to have serious misconduct, such as cheating on grades, forging merit documents, or participating in criminal activities, AF reserves the right to revoke the certificate of the awardee, to publicize and notify concerned parties, or to seek further legal actions if applicable. The revoked awardee will be permanently banned from receiving any future AF awards or joining the GB. The decision to revoke an award has to be approved by 2/3 majority of GB members.

A Goodwill awardee should meet the following academic criteria:

  • An awardee should not have failed exam in the second semester of a school year.
  • An awardee may have failed exam in the first semester of a school year. The maximum number of failed exams is 2 in one school year.
  • If a student passes a make-up exam, this class is interpreted as PASS.

Goodwill Fellowship will be suspended for a year for the student who does not meet minimum academic criteria. Goodwill Fellowship will be resumed if next year the student meets all the criteria.


7. Bill of conflicts

AF is the only legitimate organization in providing such an award. AF is entitled to make final decisions on the awards and revoke an award were the actions of a recipient violate the spirit of this fellowship.

Were there any conflict of interests, AF will reserve the final rights to interpret this article. The decisions by GB on matters related to this award are final. AF bears no legal obligations to recipients of this award, USTC or concerning parties.

8. Exemptions:

Any exemption from the guidelines listed in this article or modifications concerning this award will need to be approved by at least 2/3 GB members.

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