The USTCAF is an All Volunteer Organization (AVO), and has no paid staff. This is how we keep our operating cost low (below 1%), and use almost all of our donations in our various programs. If you like what we do, and have a little bit of time and effort to spare, we could really use your help as a volunteer!

[Passed] Bylaws Change Proposal - Summer 2011

The Following proposal has been passed by the governing board on August 5 and will become effective on September 25, 2011.  A formal announcement and the official document of the new bylaws will be released soon.

关于“USTCAF 章程 2011年度修改方案”的说明

IRS Charitable Status Approval Letter

Attached is an image shows part of IRS Approval Letter for USTCAF 501c3 Charitable Status. Click read more for detail.

Editing Pages

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Other information you may find useful is below:


Section I - Awards

  1. Introduction Document to All Award Programs
  2. List of All Award Programs and USTC Contact Points
  3. New Student Award Process

Section 2 - Governance

  1. Revised Article of Incorporation, 1998
  2. IRS Approval Letter for Our 501(c)3 Status

Section 3 - Finance Operations

  1. Introduction to the Accounting System

Welcome to USTC Alumni Foundation

USTCAF is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we strive to promote the excellence of our Alma Mater, and the ongoing academic and cultural exchanges between USTC and the outside world. Your donation to USTC Alumni Foundation is fully tax-deductible, unless your donation is more than 50% of your total income. Many companies match their employees' donations to USTCAF. So your donation may be doubled or even tripled. Some companies only match donations to accredited US educational institutes, but not donations to USTCAF. However, some of these companies do match donations to United Way, while many United Way branches forward donations and matching gifts to USTCAF too!

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