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RESOLUTION: GBR-1998-5-8 Procedural requirements for GB
Procedural requirements for GB resolution
Title: Procedural requirements for GB resolutions and other affairs

Section I. GB resolutions

Initiations and adoptions of GB resolutions shall satisfy the requirements stipulated in the bylaw. Further,

1. All proposals or drafts of GB resolutinos shall have a resolution number in the form of "GBR year-month-n", where "n" is a sequentially ordered number.

2. Sponsor(s) shall make an effort to use a valid number, or request such from the secretary.

3. The secretary is responsible for the book-keeping of the resolution numbers and ensuring all proposals have the correct resolution number.

4. The resolution number must appear in the "Subject" line of the E-mail containing the proposal, preferably followed by a short title.

5. After sufficient discussion and debate, the sponsor(s) may send the secretary a request for vote. Upon receiving the request, the secretary shall conduct a vote if other procedural requirements are satisfied.

6. All resolutions must be voted upon unless withdrawn. Votes can be "for", "against", or "abstain". All votes shall be counted for the purpose of forming a quorum. No-vote shall not be counted for the quorum and no default shall be assumed or considered.

7. Voting results shall be recorded and archived along with the resolution, either passed or rejected.

Section II. GB Communications and other affairs

The following GB affairs are considered non resolution matters:

1. Communications and exchanges representing the Foundation and/or the GB.

2. Routine work assignments.

3. Any other business that do not have a binding effect on AF and/or GB's operations.

The initiation and adoption of GB communications and other affairs must be consistant with the bylaw. Further,

1. All drafts or proposals shall have a GB affairs number in the form of "GBA year-month-n" where "n" is a sequentially ordered number.

2. Any GB member can submit a draft or proposal to the GB for debate and vote.

3. If no objections is raised in 72 hours after submission, the draft or proposal is agreed to by default.

4. Any board member can send the secretary a request for vote for any such matter. The secretary shall conduct a vote after receiving the request if other procedural requirements are satisfied. In such event, the "default passing rule" shall not apply.

5. All such drafts or proposals shall be archived, either agreed or rejected.

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