Latest Honor Roll

Jan-Dec 2021

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Bright Fund
Chang Wang 王菖
CHEN Baowei 陈保伟
CHEN Longbin 陈龙斌
CHEN Zeyong 陈泽勇
Chong Shen
DAI Hui 戴晖
DENG Bihe 邓必河
Du Junchen 杜俊忱
Fei Liu Overney 刘绯
GAN Jinping 甘进平
GUAN Huapeng 管华鹏
Guangfu Shao 邵光富
Guangxing Li 李广兴
Guannan Dong 董冠男
Guoquan Chen 陈国权
haihong sun 孙海洪
HAN Jining 韩继宁
HU Rongxiang 胡荣湘
HU Yatao 胡亚涛
HUANG Ping 黄平
HUANG Yanan 黄亚楠
HUANG Zhongqiang 黄忠强
James Liu 刘君哲
Jason J. Wen 温俊山
JIANG Fan 江帆
JIANG Jianzhong
Jie Zhang 张捷
Jingxin Ye 叶景鑫
Jinxuan Qu 曲津萱
Johnson and Johnson
Lan Deng
LI Yunrui 李运睿
Liling Gu 顾理玲
LIN Xintian 林新天
LIU Chang
Liu Hong
Liu Xiang
LIU Zongyang
Lu Kunxiong 卢坤雄
LUO Jiafu 骆稼夫
LUO Yanping & CHEN Xian 罗晏平&陈贤
Mr Duncan 邓宇翔
PEI Liming 裴黎明
PENG Yanlin
SHE Min 佘敏
Shi Minghui 施明慧
Shihong Chi Chi
SU Riqi 苏日启
SU Yongjun 苏永军
TAN, Xuehuan
Tingjun Yang
WAN Zhendong
wang joy wang jieyu
Wang Xinming
WANG Yanhui 王雁晖
Wei Wang 王卫
Weikeng Chen 陈炜铿
Weilong You 尤伟龙
Wind river 风和
WU Jianbing
WU Yudong, YU Tianning 吴宇栋, 俞天宁
Wynne WANG 王跃
Xi Lin 林曦
Xiao Fang xiaofang
XIAO Qiang 肖强
XIAO Qingjun 萧庆军
Xiaoge Su
Xin Gan 甘辛
Xin Li via Falecie Family Foundation 李昕
Xinyu Shen 沈欣宇
XU Beisi 徐贝思
YANG Sha 杨沙
Yang ZENG 曾旸
Yaqin Li 李亚秦
Yingying Zeng 曾莹滢
Yiyan Chen 陈贻研
Yu Zheng 郑羽
Yue Huang 黄玥
Zaiyao Fei 费再瑶
ZHANG Bing 张兵
ZHAO Jun 赵军
ZHAO Zhengang 赵振刚
Zhenchen Hong 洪振尘
Zhenguang Huang
Zhijun Xu 徐志军
ZHU Jun 祝均


2010 - October Honor Roll

CHEN Yiming 陈一鸣
JIE Min 揭敏
YUAN Peng 袁鹏
WU Youjin 吴有金
LI Wendong 李文东
ZANG Zhihong 臧智宏
ZHU Yuxin 朱育新
XIE Bingpeng 颉秉鹏
LIAO Jianhui 廖建辉
CHEN Dapang

Introduction to Sub Funds

The AF allows the special designation of incoming donations under the various "sub fund" label, each sub fund can have a manager, who can direct the usage of donations made under its name, subject to a number of AF rules.

Over the years, the AF has accumulated over 200 sub funds, many active in all of our various award programs. The detailed information about each sub fund is available to all of our members in our web-based accounting system, including:

  • Fund Balances (current, previous year)
  • Fund Activities (pledges, donations, and awards)

The various sub funds are set up for various purposes, such as:

  • Classmates getting together to support future students in the same department, such as "812 fund" or "Future Chemist Fund".
  • Goodwill funds, supporting economically challenged students and cover their living expenses for all 4 years.
  • Memorial Funds, set up for future scholarships in the names of certain unexpectedly deceased alumni

If you are interested in setting up a sub fund for a certain purpose, please let us know and we'll be happy to discuss with you about the process. The AF does not charge any fees for managing sub funds, all donations go to award/scholarship recipients.

To access the web-based accounting system, you need to be a member and apply for an account along the way, if you follow the on-screen instructions. If you run into any problem, please be sure to contact us.

More information about sub funds can be found in our Sub Fund FAQ page.

2010 - September Honor Roll

YING Linghang   应凌航  
HE Jianchun             
Freddie Mac Foundation          
SUN Heng        孙衡    
HAN Guowen      韩国文  
WANG Qingjun    王青俊  
CHEN Lang       陈浪

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Subfunds

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about USTCAF sub funds.

General Questions

What is a Sub Fund?

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