RESOLUTION: GBR-1999-2-1 1999 Chair Election Procedure

1999 Chair Election Procedure


1. According to USTCAF Bylaw Article III

"The USTCAF shall have a three-member executive committee (EC), consisting of a chairperson, a vice-chair, and a secretary."

"The Chairperson, Vice-chair, and directors of subcommittees are appointed by the Governing Board, and they are usually directors of the Governing Board."

However, the Chair election procedure is never clearly defined.

2. Past experience in electing Chair:

In 1996, each GB members submitted 3 names with prefered order(points) and then the one with highest points became Chair.

In 1997 and 1998, one GB member was nominated and strongly favored, even though we also used the point system, the Chair was almost already decided at the moment the candidate was nominated because of lack of competition.

3. Why change now?

* No one expressed strong interest to run for the Chair at this moment due to various reasons, so no candidate to be nominated.

* To make the Chair election process fair and open, give every GB member a chance.

* To avoid "forcing" someone "popular" but "too busy" to become Chair.

Proposed procedure:

First Step:

Elect a three-member executive committee -- all GB members except those who declined in advance are candidates. Each GB member should send three names with prefered order to a neutral monitor ZHANG Shangyou(771) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Second Step: After the three-member executive committee is elected, the three members have to discuss among themselves who should be the Chair, and who should be appointed Vice Chair, Secretary.

Third Step:

GB make a final confirmation vote on the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. The Chair can appoint other officials such as Treasurer, Directors of Subcommittees etc. who can also attend meetings of executive committee.

Pro and Cons:

1. To ensure that every GB member gets a fair chance to be in the executive committee;

2. Flexible, since the Chair only needs to be a good coordinator, so it is not necessary for the most "popular" person to become the Chair. Being in the 3-member EC already garuanteed the support of GB.

3. The only drawback is that GB members have to be careful in choosing the three members, since anyone could become Chair.

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