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2010-10-31 19:01

If you (or with your classmates together) are willing to sponsor a student, here is the step by step instruction

  1. Make a 3000 RenMingBi equivalent donation a year for four years. Use the donation form linked "Make a donation".
  2. If you already have a subfund, notify USTCAF secretary office Duo Liu ( 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。 ) of the name you like to support. Make your donation and refer to your subfund on the donation form/check.
  3. If you are a new Goodwill sponsor without your own subfund, we encourage you to contact USTCAF secretary office Duo Liu ( 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。 ) first. Please provide your information (name, USTC class and email) plus the student you like to support. You will receive your own subfund name then you can complete the donation process.
  4. If you and your classmates like to sponsor a student jointly, please follow the step 3 to contact Goodwill Manager and a class fund can be created. We encourage alumni to set up a class fund such that you and your classmates can share the responsibility. And you will act as the point of contact for the subfund.
  5. Each year, when we get Goodwill candidates from the new USTC students, we will email you so that you can pick up one or more students, sponsored by you.
  6. Remember, you need to support the student for 4-years, feel free to contact the student once your sponsorship is activated.
  7. Please contact coordinator: Duo Liu , 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。 for more information, or to be a sponsor, or make a suggestion.

Visit our FAQ page for answers to some commonly asked questions.

If you have additional questions, make sure you check out our Goodwill Frequently Asked Questions page. In addition, we provide full transparency to all of our donation, award and other financial transactions.

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