Good will 2009 募捐行动圆满结束

We've received the following list of 50 students from the USTC officials, and would love to get support from you! They each have an individual story. Please read some of them below, and we hope you can choose to sponsor one of the students, and become one of the most important persons in his or her life for a long time to come. To do that, head over to our Become a Goodwill Sponsor page.


You can also find answers to some commonly asked questions at this FAQ page.


Dear Alumni:

We are happy to announce that all 50 Good Will 2009 (2009级爱心奖学金)
students have found their sponsors now.

Thanks for all your support!




Letter from a past Goodwill Awardee

Please read this letter from a Goodwill Scholarship awardee! It brings everyone in to tear!

Latest Goodwill Status, Nov 3, 2010






Update (12/1/2010): we've got all the students sponsored!

About Goodwill Scholarship

爱心奖学金(Goodwill Scholarship, coordinator: Yongtian Zhang, zhangyt @ )

Inspired by the Hand-in-Hand Project (爱心行动) initiated by students in USTC, this need-based award was established in 1999 to provide financial assistance to about 70 USTC students who need help in order to complete their degrees at USTC. The awardees must be in good academic standing. Priority is given to female students from rural area.

Goodwill Sponsorship (est. 1999) Currently (since 2007), a sponsor needs to cover four years of study of a sponsored USTC student for $400 a year. To be a sonsor, one can make donations at any time. But usually, each year, around March, sponsors will be solicited by USTCAF. Sponsors then may select a specific individual (or more ) to be sponsored from the candidate list PROVIDED BY THE USTC. In additional to financial need, some minimum academic requirements are checked to ensure the sponsored students will continue to finish the education in USTC under the scholarship.

2023 年度 USTCAF Faculty Award 评奖结果

2023年度 USTCAF Faculty Award 评奖结果


1、  校友基金会青年教师事业奖 Young Faculty Career Award 获奖人(共8位):    

林毅恒 (物理学院 中科院徽观磁共振重点实验室)

李桂强 (工程学院)

杨  迪 (数学学院)

张凯铭 (生命学院 )

伍新明 (地空学院)

张清伟 (化学学院)

王占东 (国家同步辐射实验室)

王  禹 (火灾科学国家重点实验室)


2、  校友基金会教学优秀奖 Teaching Excellence Award 获奖人(共5位): 

涂  涛 (物理学院)

洪  泂 (生命科学与医学部)

张万群 (化学与材料科学学院)

杜  俊 (信息学院)

陶  鑫 (地球和空间科学学院)  


3、  校友基金会青年教师成就奖 Young Faculty Achievement Award 获奖人(共1位):   

曾  杰 (合肥微尺度物质科学国家研究中心)






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