RESOLUTION: GBR-2003008 Outstanding New Student Award Guidelines (version 2)


Outstanding New Student Award Guidelines (version 2)


USTCAF Outstanding New Student Award Guidelines (version 2)

0. Purpose: This award is designed to attract the most outstanding high
school graduates to attend USTC. Awardees will each receive a cash
award plus an award certificate. The recipient is the sole end
benefactor of this award; such an award must not be transferred to the
third party.

Note: AF is a shorthand name for USTC Alumni Foundation
(USTCAF); GB stands for the governing board of USTCAF. The
usage of AF or GB is exclusive in this article; no other interpretation
is acceptable.

1. Award Categories:

(A) Award to the most outstanding students. Provincial #1 in
College Entrance Examination is automatically qualified. Perspective
candidates also include but are not limited to Gold Medallists in
international high school student competitions in major area of high
school study. The award amount is USD$1000, USTC matches to RMB 10,000.

(B) Award to exceptionally outstanding students. Provincial
#2 in College Entrance Examination is automatically qualified for this
category but not limited to. The award amount is USD$600, USTC matches
to RMB 7,000.

(C) Award to outstanding students. Provincial top 50 in College
Entrance Examination is automatically qualified for this category.
Perspective candidates also include the top 5% in all
USTC new students in the official College Entrance Exam to USTC.
The award amount is USD$400, USTC matches to RMB 4,000.


2. Selection procedures

Each year when information concerning the criteria adopted is
available, USTC should give a single complete list of candidates
with detailed qualification information to the governing board of
AF (GB as hitherto referred) at the earliest convenience, which is
preferred to be before the new students registration if applicable.
AF and GB are not responsible for later or incomplete information
of candidates. GB makes decisions based on merits of candidates, as
well as the availability of AF's fund balance. GB voting will make
the decision on candidates.

The total award from AF each year must not exceed the total amount
allocated in AF's fiscal budget that year. In consideration of the
criteria, size of USTC  and AF, the number of awardees is not fixed
but is preferable not to exceed the number of departments in USTC.
However, this does not imply that the award has any implicit or
explicit relation with the department where a student is affiliated.
Moreover, the budget restriction does not apply to awards made
by special funds.

3. Responsibilities of USTC

It is the responsibility of USTC to make public the selection
criteria of this award to all eligible candidates. It is the
responsibility of USTC to submit a comprehensive list of candidates
to GB in time for decision of awardees. It is of the responsibility
of USTC to distribute the awards and certificates to awardees when
an official AF representative is not on scene. All eligible
candidates should contact USTC for issues regarding nomination.
AF welcomes comments and feedback from candidates or other students
but recognizes that USTC's nomination list through the official
channel is the only nomination list to be based on. AF is not liable
for any dispute due to failure of USTC to comply with such

GB recognizes that the standards and available information used
may not be the sole best criteria to make a judgement on individual
students from different backgrounds and education and assume no
liability on the use of the standard. GB reserves the right to
decline any candidate when there is no unified standard to compare
between the candidates in all the new students in large. For
example, #1 in any one class is not automatically eligible for
this award with the exclusion of special funds. AF and GB
respect the excellence of these and other students declined but
is limited to award only the candidates best fit into AF's scope
and goal. It is the responsibility of USTC and students in seeking
appropriate award and maintaining a fair and workable standard in
honoring all distinguished students.

4. Status of awardees

The recipient of AF's awards should bear high moral and merit
standards. If an awardee is proven to have conducted serious
misconduct, such as cheating on grades, forging merit documents,
or participating in criminal activities, AF reserves the right
to revoke the certificate of the awardee, to publicize and
notify concerned parties, or to seek further legal actions if
applicable. The revoked awardee will be permanently banned from
receiving any future AF awards or joining the GB. The decision
to revoke an award has to be approved by 2/3 majority of GB members.

5. Rights of awardees

This scholarship is awarded to the most talented young individuals
entering USTC. AF certifies the usage of the award certificate by
the recipient in seeking schools for study, employment or other
honorary awards. The recipient has the rights to decline or return
such an award.

6. Bill of conflicts

AF is the only legitimate organization in providing such an award.
AF reserves the exclusive usage of the name of the award namely
"Outstanding New Student Award". AF is entitled to make final
decisions on the awards and revoke an award if actions of the
recipient violate items and spirits in this article.

If there is conflict of interests, AF reserves the final rights
to interpret this article. The decisions by GB on matters related
to this award are final. AF bears no legal obligations to
recipients of this award, USTC or concerning parties.

(7) Exemptions

Any exemption from the guidelines listed in this article and
modifications concerning this award will have to be approved by
2/3 GB members. The Executive Committee (including Chair,
Vice-Chair and Secretary) have the final veto rights to overturn
such exemptions.

Add'l info
Only chaged Category 3 candidates from #3 to top 50s.

Zhang, Shangyou

Liren Chen

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