RESOLUTION: GBR-201332: Establishing Secretary General Position

Title: Establishing the Position of the Secretary General

Date Passed: March 18th, 2013

Author: Steven LI

Co-Sponsors: WANG, Kefei & GONG, Xiaohua


The USTC AF has been a volunteer-run organization since its inception, without any paid

position of staff. The Board of Directors (the Board) feels that such an arrangement is limiting

the growth potential of the AF, and its ability to best fulfill its charter of promoting the interest of

the USTC itself. As such, the Board decides to establish a Secretary General position, in the

hope to bring to us the benefit of professional management.


A person duly appointed as the Secretary General of the USTC AF, has the following


1) Build and maintain an operational team, if necessary. The team members report to the

Secretary General

2) Publish newsletters at regular intervals.

3) Maintain accurate accounting of our members, establish channels for members to reach

us, and respond to their inquiries.

4) Conduct fund raising campaigns, and to interact with existing and prospective donors.

5) Maintain liaison relationships with appropriate counterparties at the USTC.

6) Furnish the Board with a budget for all operations and activities to be conducted by the

Secretary General, at the beginning of every quarter. Such budget should be less than 7%

of the estimated donation income of the quarter.


A person duly appointed as the Secretary General of the USTC AF, is hereby granted the

following authorities. Such a person is allowed to further delegate portions of the authorities to

his/her staff members.

1) Recruit, hire, and fire staff members.

2) Pay staff members a reasonable salary, plus all necessary benefit as required by

applicable laws.

3) Communicate on behalf of the AF, through electronic or other means, to members, USTC

and the public in general.4) Engage vendorsto purchase products, supplies, and services necessary to fulfill the

responsibilities above.


The Secretary General and his/her staff members are specifically prohibited from the following

without the written consent of the Board or its duly authorized committees:

1) Entering into any agreement with any parties outside the areas of responsibilities above.

2) Committing the AF to any financial obligations beyond a 12-month period, or with an

increasing amount measured on a quarterly pro-rated basis. (i.e. no long term or

ballooning service contracts)

3) Representing the AF in any communications that conflict with any of the AF's bylaws,

corporate charter, or resolutions.


The Secretary General can and shall be fairly compensated. A prospective candidate, or a person

occupying such office, should submit a compensation request for approval by the Board or its

duly delegated committee.

The Secretary General shall set the compensation level for his/her staff members at a level that is

appropriate with the labor market, where staff members are hired.


The Board shall appoint a candidate to the Secretary General in the form of a resolution.

The board shall be able to terminate the appointment of the Secretary General to any person

without prior notice, or with any reason for doing so, or the need to find the person at fault for

any wrongdoing. Such termination shall also be in the form of a resolution.