About Goodwill Scholarship

爱心奖学金(Goodwill Scholarship, coordinator: Yongtian Zhang, zhangyt @ hotmail.com )

Inspired by the Hand-in-Hand Project (爱心行动) initiated by students in USTC, this need-based award was established in 1999 to provide financial assistance to about 70 USTC students who need help in order to complete their degrees at USTC. The awardees must be in good academic standing. Priority is given to female students from rural area.

Goodwill Sponsorship (est. 1999) Currently (since 2007), a sponsor needs to cover four years of study of a sponsored USTC student for $400 a year. To be a sonsor, one can make donations at any time. But usually, each year, around March, sponsors will be solicited by USTCAF. Sponsors then may select a specific individual (or more ) to be sponsored from the candidate list PROVIDED BY THE USTC. In additional to financial need, some minimum academic requirements are checked to ensure the sponsored students will continue to finish the education in USTC under the scholarship.


Goodwill schoarship was set up in 1999, under the AF Chair TAO Xiaoou 汤晓鸥 (859). However, ZHANG Huayi 张化一 (774) promoted the scholarship long before that, as early as 1991, and he is the biggest donor to the scholarshp so far.

Some classes jointly provide Goodwill Sponsorship to several students each year. For example, 875 学田纪念奖学金 875 XueTian Memorial Scholarship (est. 1999), 772 Goodwill Scholarship (est. 1999), Future Chemists Fund, 787, 788, 773, 771, 8211, 821, 906, 912, etc.

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Additional information can be found in the Goodwill Frequently Asked Question page.

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