RESOLUTION: GBR-2004012 Guidelines for the USTCAF Teaching Excellence Award


Guidelines for the USTCAF Teaching Excellence Award

Guidelines for the USTCAF Teaching Excellence Award

Note: AF is a shorthand name for the University of Science and 
Technology of China Alumni Foundation (USTCAF);
GB stands for the governing board of USTCAF.
The usage of AF or GB is exclusive in this article; no other
Interpretation is acceptable.


To recognize members of the USTC faculty dedicated to teaching,
and to increase the awareness of the importance of fundamental
courses teaching at USTC.


The Teaching Excellence Award (TEA) is awarded annually to 2
qualified members of the USTC faculty, each with a total cash amount
of $1,500, depending on the credentials of candidates and the
availability of funds. Applications of no less than 2 candidates are
submitted by USTC to USTCAF at least one month before the start of a
new academic year. The GB first makes a preliminary decision on
winners of this award and notifies USTC, then amends this preliminary
decision if necessary based on the feedback from USTC. The GB
announces the recipients at the beginning of a new academic year.
The award is given out in one installment.


To qualify for the TEA, a candidate MUST fulfill all of the following
list of requirements:

(a) Be an active member of the USTC faculty at the Hefei campus,
(b) Be nominated by USTC based on achievements in teaching (especially
the teaching of undergraduate fundamental courses), and recognition
among USTC students, 
(c) Has served on USTC faculty for at least 5 years,
(d) Has taught at least one fundamental course each school year in the
past 3 years,
(e) Maintains on the USTC faculty during the academic year when
receiving the award.

The application to TEA must include:
(a) A listing of courses taught by the applicant within the last 3
years, and the dates of the teaching,
(b) a curriculum vita,
(c) other supplemental materials the applicant deems helpful in his/her
application. For example, any text book the candidate has published.


It is the responsibility of USTC to make public the selection
criteria of this award to all eligible candidates. It is the
responsibility of USTC to submit the list of candidates and
their applications to GB in time for it to make the necessary
decisions. It is the responsibility of USTC to verify the
information provided in the applications including the letters
of recommendations. It is the responsibility of USTC to
distribute the award money and certificates to awardees when
an official AF representative is not able to be on site.
All eligible candidates should contact USTC for issues
regarding nomination. AF welcomes comments and feedback
from candidates and faculty members/students. AF is not
liable for any dispute due to failure of USTC to comply
with its above-mentioned responsibilities.

GB realizes that the standards and information used in the
selection process as provided may not be the best or complete
but will assume no liability for such and will reserve the
right to reject any candidate based on its best judgments.


This award is intended to recognize USTC faculty members
who are dedicated to teaching at USTC, and to promotes
the excellence of USTC. If the recipient terminates his/her
association with USTC for any reason during the academic year
of the award, USTCAF reserves the right to withdraw the
award from such a recipient. The recipient of AF's awards
should bear high moral and merit standards. If a recipient
is found to have serious misconduct, such as forging merit
documents or participating in criminal activities, AF
reserves the right to revoke the certificate of the
recipient, to publicize and notify concerned parties, or
to seek further legal actions if applicable. The revoked
recipient will be permanently banned from receiving any
future AF awards. The decision to revoke an award has to
be approved by 2/3 majorities of GB members.


AF is the only legitimate organization in providing such an
award. AF is entitled to make final decisions on the awards
and revoke an award if the actions of a recipient violate the
spirit of this award.

Were there any conflict of interests, AF will reserve the
final rights to interpret this article. The decisions by
GB on matters related to this award are final. AF bears no
legal obligations to recipients of this award, USTC or
concerning parties.


Any exemption from the guidelines listed in this article or
modifications concerning this award will need to be approved
by at least 2/3 GB members.

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