RESOLUTION: GBR-2004010 Guidelines for the USTCAF Goodwill Fellowships (2)


Guidelines for the USTCAF Goodwill Fellowships (2)

Guidelines for the USTCAF Goodwill Fellowships
March 20, 2004

(Note: AF is a shorthand name for USTC Alumni Foundation (USTCAF); GB stands for the governing board of USTCAF. The usage of AF or GB is exclusive in this article; no other interpretation is acceptable.)

0. This resolution replaces GBR-1999-9-1 and GBR-2000-3-1.

1. Background Information:

AF Goodwill Scholarship was set up in 1999.  Each year, the Scholarship awards about 75 students of three tiers, $100, $200 and $300.  The general Goodwill subfund spent about $15K a year.  Other than first two years,  the spending was way above the total of donations to the subfund each year.  In 2002 and 2003, donations to the general Goodwill subfund were below $2K.  Without a revision and an effective fund raising, the scholarship can last only one more year.

2. Revision Principle:

(1) $100 and $200 Goodwill Scholarship awards are too low. 
(2) AF Goodwill Awards amount about 4 percent of Goodwill-type scholarships in USTC,  offered by the Chinese Government and local corporations.  But it still requires relative heavy work for USTC staff in processing application.
(3) Goodwill Scholarship needs more materials for its fund raising.  AF needs to collect letters, photos, articles, and other info from applicants in fund raising.
(4) After Goodwill Scholarship, USTC changed its BS degree requirement from 5 years to 4 years.
(5) Some procedures specified in previous two resolutions are not practical, as shown after the resolutions were excused, and need to be corrected.

3. The Goal:

To provide financial assistance to USTC students who need financial help in order to complete her/his degree at USTC. Students are selected based on the following criteria:

(1) Financial need. (2) Academic standing.

In particular, higher priority will be given to female students from rural area.


4. The Procedure:

(1) New Students.

The fellowships are awarded annually to approximately 20 new students with the amount of $300 each.  The students are initially selected by USTC and approved by GB, based on their financial need, academic standing and availability of other financial aids. The first year AF Goodwill award  recipients are not guaranteed to receive it again.

(2) Later Year Students.

a) The new students who received AF Goodwill are supposed to send GB at least an application letter stating his/her financial situation, academic standing, determination on academic achievement, and willingness to sponsor students too in future, etc.  Other
materials, such as personal photo, family photo, activities photo, publications and articles, are encouraged too.  The application must be received no later than March 15th the second year.

b) All current and past Goodwill Scholarship students may submit such information at any time.  Other USTC students may submit such an application too.

c) The application will be displayed on AF webpage for alumni and other potential sponsors to view (however, the access of this type of webpages from USTC is blocked.)

d) In general,  if one selects a student, he or she would be called an AF Goodwill Sponsor.  A sponsor is supposed to make donations of $300 a year for three years, or one  time donation of $900.  The student would receive $300 through AF, after the award is approved by GB and USTC.

e) A second year student may no longer receive Good Scholarship after the first year Goodwill award,  if he or she did not get a sponsor.

g) In general,  the general Goodwill Fund will not be used to award the second and later year students, except for unusual circumstances.


5. Responsibilities of USTC

It is the responsibility of USTC to make public the selection criteria of this award to all eligible candidates. It is the responsibility of USTC to submit a comprehensive list of candidates to GB in time for it to make the necessary decisions. It is the responsibility
of USTC to distribute the award money and certificates to awardees when an official AF representative were not able to be on site. All eligible candidates should contact USTC for issues regarding nomination. AF welcomes comments and feedback from candidates or any other students but also make it known that the official USTC's nomination list will the only valid one for the selection decision process. AF is not liable for any dispute due to failure of USTC to comply with its above mentioned responsibilities.

GB realizes that the standards and information used in the selection process as provided may not be the best or complete but will assume no liability for such and will reserve the right to drop any candidate based on its best judgements.

6. Status of awardees:

The recipient of AF's awards should bear high moral and merit standards. If an awardee is found to have serious misconduct, such as cheating on grades, forging merit documents, or participating in criminal activities, AF reserves the right to revoke the certificate of the awardee, to publicize and notify concerned parties, or to seek further legal actions if applicable. The revoked awardee will be permanently banned from receiving any future AF awards or joining the GB. The decision to revoke an award has to be approved by 2/3 majority of GB members.

7. Bill of conflicts

AF is the only legitimate organization in providing such an award. AF is entitled to make final decisions on the awards and revoke an award were the actions of a recipient violate the spirit of this fellowship.

Were there any conflict of interests, AF will reserve the final rights to interpret this article. The decisions by GB on matters related to this award are final. AF bears no legal obligations to recipients of this award, USTC or concerning parties.

8. Exemptions:

Any exemption from the guidelines listed in this article or modifications concerning this award will need to be approved by at least 2/3 GB members.

Add'l info
> 周老师,

> AF继续资助2003爱心奖学生,保持原来额。

> 资助2004爱心奖新生,18名左右,其中至少1名1系, 2名2系,
> 2名5系, 2名8系, 1名11系, 其余名额平均分配(包括上述系)
> 2004爱心奖新生每人300美元。但不保证2005继续获奖.

(should be 2 from dept 7)

> 张上游

> 中国科大校友基金会爱心奖学金准则
> 2004年3月20日

> (注释:校友基金会是中国科大校友基金会的简称;董事会是指中国科大校友基金
> 会的董事会.此准则中,校友基金会或董事会的使用是唯一的;没有其他的解
> 释.)
> 此决议取代董事会决议R-1999-9-1和R-2000-3-1.

> 1.背景信息:
> 校友基金会爱心奖学金设立于1999年.每年该奖学金奖励75名学生.奖金分100
> 美元,200美元,300美元三等.爱心奖学金每年支出大约15000美元.除了开始
> 的两年以外,每年的支出远大于对此项基金的捐款.我们需要对爱心奖学金进行改
> 革,并且利用申请人提供的更多信息更有效地筹集资金.

> 2.修改原则:
> 统一所有爱心奖学金为一种,以减少科大的筛选工作.

> 3.目标:
> 为需要经济援助才能在中国科大完成本科学业的学生提供经济帮助.学生的选择应
> 基于以下标准:(1)经济需要;(2)学习成绩.
> 来自农村的女生将特别给予优先照顾.

> 4.程序:
> (1)新生.
> 此奖学金每年发放给20名左右新生,每人300美元.基于学生的经济需要,学习
> 成绩,和接受其他奖学金的情况,中国科大和校友基金会共同选择受奖学生.第一
> 年受奖者并不能保证再次受奖.
> (2)其他年级学生.
> a)    获奖新生应寄给董事会至少一封申请信,阐明本人经济情况,学习成绩,学
> 有所成的决心,和将来愿意帮助其他学生,等等.其他材料,如个人,家
> 庭,和活动照片,发表的文章,也都欢迎.申请材料必须不迟于第二年三月
> 十五日寄到.
> b)    所有当前和过去的爱心奖学金获得者可以在任何时候递交申请.其他科大学
> 生也可以提交申请.
> c)    申请将公布于校友基金会网页上,供校友和其他可能的资助者查看.(但
> 是,从科大不能访问这些网页).
> d)    一般来说,如果选择学生的人被称为资助者.资助者应每年捐助300美元,
> 连续三年,或一次性捐款900美元.奖项由科大和校友基金会通过后,学生
> 从校友基金会得到300美元.
> e)    如果一个二年级学生没有找到资助者,就不能再得到此奖.
> f)    一般来说,爱心基金不用来发放新生以外的爱心奖学金,除非有特殊情况.

> 5.中国科大的责任
> 中国科大有责任向所有有资格的候选人公开候选条件.中国科大有责任向董事会提
> 供完整的候选人名单,以便董事会能按时作出必要的决定.当校友基金会代表不能
> 在场时,中国科大有责任向获奖者颁发奖金和证书.所有有资格的候选人应该向中
> 国科大查询与提名相关的问题.校友基金会欢迎候选人及其他学生的建议和反馈,
> 但是声明中国科大的提名名单将是选择决定过程唯一有效的.校友基金会不对任何
> 由于中国科大未尽以上提及的责任引起的争议负责.
> 董事会意识到选择过程所使用的标准和提供的信息可能不是最好或完整的,但是将
> 不对此承担责任,并保留依靠最佳判断,排除任何候选人的权利.

> 6.获奖者的状况
> 校友基金会奖学金获奖者应具有很高的道德品质标准.如果获奖者被发现有严重不
> 良行为,如假造成绩和品行文件,或参与犯罪活动,校友基金会保留收回获奖证
> 书,公开及通知相关各方,或如果适用,进一步追究法律责任.被取消的获奖者将
> 被永久禁止获得任何校友基金会奖励或加入董事会.取消奖励的决定需要由2/3多
> 数的董事会成员同意.

> 7.冲突议案
> 议案校友基金会是提供该项奖学金的唯一合法机构.如果获奖者的行为违反了这项
> 奖学金的精神,校友基金会有权作出有关奖学金及收回奖学金的最终决定.
> 如果有任何利益冲突,校友基金会保留解释此文件的最终解释权.董事会关于此奖
> 的决定是最后决定.校友基金会将不对获奖者,中国科大或相关各方承担法律责
> 任.

> 8.豁免
> 从该文件所规定的准则以外关于此奖学金的任何豁免或修改必需由至少2/3董事会
> 成员同意.

Zhang, Shangyou

HU Rongxiang, DING Jian

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