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Those are all current in effect resolutions

1 RESOLUTION: GBR-1998-5-8 Procedural requirements for GB
2 RESOLUTION: GBR-1999-11-1 USTCAF Fund Investment Guidelines
3 RESOLUTION: GBR-1999-2-1 1999 Chair Election Procedure
4 RESOLUTION: GBR-2000-3-2 Guideline For Selling Donated Stocks
5 RESOLUTION: GBR-2002002 Guidelines for the USTCAF High School Scholarship
6 RESOLUTION: GBR-2003007 USTCAF Special Fund Guidelines (Version 3)
7 RESOLUTION: GBR-2003008 Outstanding New Student Award Guidelines (version 2)
8 RESOLUTION: GBR-2004010 Guidelines for the USTCAF Goodwill Fellowships (2)
9 RESOLUTION: GBR-2004011 USTCAF Equipment/Non-Cash Capital Donation Guideline
10 RESOLUTION: GBR-2004012 Guidelines for the USTCAF Teaching Excellence Award
11 RESOLUTION: GBR-2005014 Guidelines for Disaster Relief and Memorial funds
12 RESOLUTION: GBR-2005016 Guildline for USTCAF Operation Budget Authorization
13 RESOLUTION: GBR-2006018 Guidelines for the USTCAF Young Faculty Achievement Award
14 RESOLUTION: GBR-2006019 Revised Guidelines for the USTCAF Young Faculty Career Award
15 RESOLUTION: GBR-2008021 Marketing/Communication Operations
16 RESOLUTION: GBR-2008022 Resolution for AF's Endorsement of the Suzhou Declaration
17 RESOLUTION: GBR-2009023 Exemption to GBR-2005014 (for donation from Tabula, Inc. to YIBing fund)
18 RESOLUTION: GBR-201025 Form of the legal committee and Approval of paying legal fee for professional assistance, 2009GB
19 RESOLUTION: GBR-201026 On legal review of 2009 Bylaws, 2009GB
20 RESOLUTION: GBR-201027 On hiring professional accountant to audit AF's finance for fiscal year 2009
21 RESOLUTION: GBR-2012-2-28 Guidelines for Establishing USTCAF Named Awards and Scholarships
22 RESOLUTION: GBR-201229 Revised Guidelines for the USTCAF Faculty Awards
23 RESOLUTION: GBR-201230 Revised Guidelines for the USTCAF Young Faculty Achievement Award
24 RESOLUTION: GBR-201231 Revised Guidelines for the USTCAF Teaching Excellence Award
25 RESOLUTION: GBR-201332: Establishing Secretary General Position
26 RESOLUTION: GBR-201333 Secretary General Appointment
27 RESOLUTION: GBR-2015-02-01 Guidelines for the USTCAF Goodwill Fellowships 
28 RESOLUTION: GBR-2015-08-01 USTCAF Inactive Sub-fund Clean-Up Guideline
29 RESOLUTION: GBR-2016-08-10-1 Establishing Chief Strategy Officer Position
30 RESOLUTION: GBR-2016-08-10-2 Chief Strategy Officer Appointment

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