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About Us

The USTCAF is an All Volunteer Organization (AVO), and has no paid staff. This is how we keep our operating cost low (below 1%), and use almost all of our donations in our various programs. If you like what we do, and have a little bit of time and effort to spare, we could really use your help as a volunteer!

[Passed] Bylaws Change Proposal - Summer 2011

The Following proposal has been passed by the governing board on August 5 and will become effective on September 25, 2011.  A formal announcement and the official document of the new bylaws will be released soon.

关于“USTCAF 章程 2011年度修改方案”的说明


为了改善USTCAF理事会的连续性,提升工作效果,减轻理事会换届时的新手一抹黑的症状,本届理事会经过讨论,决定在理事会成员任期,选举日程和理事会人数等几方面提出修订建议案。特此供各位会员审阅并敬请各位会员向理事会( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )提供意见。我们预定于2011年八月初就此方案进行投票。



1.  选举日期固定在每年的十一月一号。选举的记录日(date of record)是30天之前。在记录日这一天的会员总数的四分之一即为该次选举的投票人数的下限(quorum)。如不能达到,则宣布该次选举失败,九十天内重新组织选举,所有在失败选举的记录日那天仍在任的理事会成员不得留任,也不能参选成为候选人。

2.  保留理事会最多二十人的规定 但取消理事会人数的下限的显性规定。也就是,如果有理事在任期期满之前离职,将不会有增补理事的情况,直到下一次选举补足理事会。如果全部理事都在任期未满的情况下离任,则由财务长和前任的理事会主席共同主持理事会的基本活动(收存,记账,批准既有项目的年度常规拨款并在AF的网站公布),并按章程按时组织新的选举。

3.  理事的任期改为两年一任但是间错安排。每次选举开放的席位数是20减去仍将留任的理事的数字。不超过开放席位数的、得票数过半的候选人当选。愿意服务两年的新当选理事中,按照得票数从高到低,前十位的任期为两年,其余的新当选理事任期为一年。选举结果公告的时候同时公告任期情况。

4.  理事会主席还是一年一任,每次选举结束以后由新成立的理事会经由内部选举产生。

5.  AF会员资格生效的“等待期”由原定的45天改成30天。

6.  由于选举日期固定,普通会员的资格的一年有效期被明确定义为从生效日起,在下一年同日开始前止。

7.  AF章程修订生效的“等待期”由原定的50天改成30天。



草案全文见此 Fully marked up change proposal

Welcome to USTC Alumni Foundation

USTCAF is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we strive to promote the excellence of our Alma Mater, and the ongoing academic and cultural exchanges between USTC and the outside world. Your donation to USTC Alumni Foundation is fully tax-deductible, unless your donation is more than 50% of your total income. Many companies match their employees' donations to USTCAF. So your donation may be doubled or even tripled. Some companies only match donations to accredited US educational institutes, but not donations to USTCAF. However, some of these companies do match donations to United Way, while many United Way branches forward donations and matching gifts to USTCAF too!


Mission Statement

The USTC Alumni Foundation is created to

(1) promote the excellence of members of The University of Science and Technology of China, including students, teachers, and alumni in USA and elsewhere; and

(2) promote the academic and cultural exchange between The University of Science and Technology of China and researchers in USA.

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